Te-Phan Loving Family Orphanage

(Saint Therese of Lisieux and Saint Francis Assisi)


Established in Ho Chi Minh City in 1985 by Brother Hoàng Văn Bình, the Te-Phan Loving Family Orphanage has more than 30 years experience in caring for disadvantaged people. Currently, the family is nurturing and caring for:
– 13 homeless and solitary elderly
– 71 orphans with disabilities.
The youngest disabled girl is around 12 months and the eldest disabled girl is over 40 years old.

To serve the most disadvantaged people, who are abandoned by their families and societies.

Support homeless elderly and orphans with disabilities with:
– A safe home for living;
– Necessary care and education, both physically and mentally;
– Education for the orphans with disabilities, to be independent and to help the others.
– Health-treatments
– Physical activity and speech therapy

The children are encouraged to support and to help each other to overcome difficulties.


3 Stages for the development of Te-Phan children:

    1. Being cared for and educated: the children will be carefully equipped with knowledge and job-orientation, which are most suitable for their capacity.
    2. Being independent: when having a certain job, the children will live in different independent groups within the house and participate in various social activities, depending on their jobs. They will be responsible for their own lives.
    3. Taking care and leading other kids: When the children have their own stable economic lives, they can work with Te-Phan to help other disadvantaged kids in the family.

With the clear mission of “help the kids to help themselves and others”, our family becomes a big cozy family, where the children are in high spirits while helping each other and being active in local communities.

We are in need of support for the continuity of long-term benefits to the children and the elderly. Without your involvement, we cannot make a difference for the children and the elderly.